Chronic Pain 4

So previously I was talking about I love being able to help my patients that have chronic pain, but it’s also bittersweet. So I mentioned it was a bittersweet thing to deal with, and here’s why. I really get emotionally invested in my patients and I really truly care. And I really want to help them. And what frustrates me more than anything, and this is the bittersweet part, is when I help somebody that’s been suffering with pain for 30, 40 years, and after the first adjustment, they have relief. They come crying to me. I have been without pain the last few days since the last adjustment for the first time in 30 years. And while that is so rewarding to be able to help, I cannot help but simultaneously be hurting for them that they had to suffer that long and that they couldn’t have gotten relief sooner.

The times that make me the most angry, I get really angry and I try to stay professional and not let that show to my patients. I’m nearly never successful. I’m angry when they tell me that they saw another healthcare professional that told them nothing can be done for you. You are going to have to live with this. They diagnosed them, maybe they diagnosed them with migraines, with scoliosis, they diagnosed them with degenerative disc issues, whatever issues they have that is causing their problems, they diagnosed them with it and then said this is your diagnosis, you have no hope. No one can help you with this. Come back one day when you need surgery and we will help you.

Oh, man, that makes me so angry because if we all as healthcare professionals, as doctors educated each other and ourselves on what other specialties can do to help people, the world would be a better place. If those doctors could have said try chiropractic care, try some conservative measures, try some of these treatments and see if it helps and directs patients in our direction, this person would not have had to suffer for this long. The reason I am so passionate about this is because, let me say, it is not your individual medical doctor that is the problem. Doctors want to help people. I think every doctor that is out there wants to help people and that’s why they become doctors. The failing is not in that doctor, it’s in the whole system that we all learn about what we do. And if we can’t help that person, we think there’s nothing that can be done. And that is the absolute wrong mindset. So I really am on a quest to work with the healthcare providers in my area, learn about what they can do to help my patients.

When what I have done is not taking them to that place of relief that they want. And I also want to educate other healthcare providers about what we do because I don’t want us to be telling patients you have no hope, you’re going to have to live with this. And then 30, 40 years later, find out there’s more that could have been done. This person didn’t have to suffer. That’s the bittersweet part for me. Yes, it’s rewarding in the moment for a patient to get relief from the work we’re doing with them.

But really my work is for people to not have those issues, to not suffer, to not go 30, 40 years without ever hearing of something that could have helped them. It is my goal, my life’s purpose to eliminate the phrase I wish I would’ve known sooner. I want everyone to know, and that’s why I’m doing these videos. This is why I post what I do. This is why I’m writing about what we do to educate people because I want to help more people, more people than my hands can reach I want to help. And the knowledge is the place that we start.