Hello all, it’s Dr. Hurley! I’m very excited to be writing about my all-time favorite topics: pregnancy and birth! ♥️ I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I believe that every pregnant mama needs a chiropractor! I am so passionate about supporting women throughout pregnancy.  My “Why” When I began Chiropractic school, I Read More

When looking at how to breathe properly, there are a few key principles and methods to employ to be efficient, and with practice, ideally proficient. Firstly, you must understand that breathing should primarily be achieved by the diaphragm. You need to become aware of your diaphragm and master that muscle. Now, it is obvious to Read More

Dr. Luke Broom

Looking back there was a providential process that led me into the Chiropractic profession. Initially, I was exposed to chiropractic at the age of seventeen as a senior in high school. My family had never gone to a chiropractor, and I did not really have an opinion about the profession. At the time of my Read More

Hey everyone! Today I am writing to you about my least favorite topic… 😮‍💨 insurance 😖   We deal with insurance every single day as a healthcare facility, and it is the WORST. I could rant all day long (and do) about how difficult and complex and rarely good for the patient OR the provider Read More