Massage Therapy

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Massage therapy helps to bring proper function to the muscles. It restores blood flow and flexibility. Massage therapy will release endorphins that help with pain relief. Our massage therapists are trained in many types of massage and neuromuscular re-education.

Therapeutic Muscle Work

Hurley Chiropractic provides state-of-the-art care that changes lives. Our team understands how frustrating chronic pain is, and we know how it can hold you back from a full and active life.

Therapeutic muscle work is the solution. Whether you suffer from low back pain, neck pain, sciatica or fibromyalgia, relief is possible. This is thanks to our individualized treatment plans, based on your pain and needs.

It’s Time to Live Free of Pain

Massage TherapyOur office is warm and inviting from the onset. Walk in the door and you are immediately handed personal service. A greeter will confirm your appointment or otherwise assist you. And after a short wait, you’ll be with your personal massage therapist.

Each of our doctors is fully trained and licensed, proving you with the utmost in skill and care. Our massages are also designed for your specific problem areas. We focus only on those spots that cause you pain. We create a regimen that improves your wellness immediately following your first visit.

After all, no two patients are identical: Why should their health plans be?

What Does my Therapeutic Muscle Work Do?

During a therapeutic muscle work session, you will relax as your breathing rate and heart rate decrease to a state of rest. Your blood pressure will drop, along with the production of stress hormones. This state of relaxation increases the presence of natural serotonins in your body.

Your personal therapist will massage tight areas to remove toxins and other acids built-up there. This increases circulation and reduces fluid retention, relaxing you throughout the session.

Therapeutic muscle work replaces lactic acid with oxygen and promotes natural healing. It increases blood and lymph flow, enabling you to live a more active lifestyle.

After only one session, you will see fewer painful spasms, contractions and nerve compressions. This starts a restoration of balance in your daily health.

Does Therapeutic Muscle Work Hurt?

During therapy, you may feel a mild aching sensation as your therapist exerts pressure on your pain areas. This is normal, and indicates that healing is occurring. After your session you should feel calm and relaxed.

Why Should I Choose Hurley Chiropractic?

We are your personalized and individual-focused chiropractic clinic in Arkansas. We pay attention to who you are, and where you want to be—mentally and physically. A weekly massage with us is more than just a quick pain reliever. With Hurley Chiropractic, it’s a chance to revitalize yourself and your active lifestyle.

We invite you to ask us about what we can do for you. To do so, call your nearest clinic or leave us a message via the email form.

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