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Supporting moms throughout pregnancy is our specialty and our passion! Dr. Hurley has the strong belief that every pregnant mama needs a chiropractor!

We are certified in Webster technique, a gentle chiropractic protocol that is designed for pregnancy.

Chiropractic during pregnancy can relieve back pain, hip pain, sciatic pain, pelvic pain, round ligament pain, and headaches related to pregnancy. 

Even if you don’t have any of these symptoms, chiropractic care during pregnancy balances the pelvis, ligaments and muscles in order to prepare your body for a better birth! Patients report shorter labor and the need for fewer medical interventions when they receive chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy.

Can Chiropractic help with a breech baby?

While chiropractors never claim to “flip babies”, our patients have found that by balancing the pelvis, spine and ligaments, it created more space for their baby’s to turn head down, enabling them to birth naturally and avoid a C-Section!

Can Chiropractic help during labor?

Dr. Hurley is available for birth work by request, only for patients that have been seen by her during pregnancy. Oftentimes if labor is stalling or contractions are not productive, an adjustment can be just the “reset” the body needs! If you were ever told your pelvis was “too small” for a vaginal birth or that your baby got “stuck” on the pubic bone, that was likely due to misalignment in the pelvis. Adjustments during pregnancy and during labor can help you to have the natural birth of your dreams.

I went to Dr. Hurley Baumann at 28 weeks pregnant, desperate for some back relief. I’m on my feet 32+ hours a week for my job and standing was getting unbearable. I’d gotten to the point where I felt my movements were limited. Sleeping was also hard. I’d fallen into this routine where I’d wake up at 2:30am on the dot and toss and turn (slowly and carefully) until 6am. I’d tried stretching, Tylenol, a heating pad, a belt, and I had a pregnancy pillow. It was just getting worse. Dr. Hurley Baumann was able to identify a few trouble spots in my shoulders, back, sacral region, and round ligaments. The night after the first visit I slept straight through the night. And then the night after that and so on. I’ve had so much relief in my back and more freedom in my movements! I go every two weeks and plan to for the remainder of the pregnancy. 10/10 recommend! Thanks for the relief, Dr. Hurley Baumann!

Laura Cima

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