Conservative Care Testimonials – Samantha

My first adjustment came at the age of 14 after being in a head on car collision. I had broken both my collar bone and patella, had a few stitches in my face, along with some cuts and bruises. Originally, our focus had been to get me back to playing basketball, which was was my […]

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women exercising

Nutrition for Women

Let’s start with the basics for being a healthy woman – Food! Eat more often and less of it: reduced calorie intake has been researched and early indications are that staying on the lower end of caloric intake certainly can help with memory issues and cardiovascular disease. Definitely not indicated for young or underweight individuals […]

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Wellness Wednesday: The Ultimate Healthy Pumpkin Cookie

Pumpkin has made its grand reappearance this fall season appearing anywhere from pumpkin spice latte to pumpkin muffins. With everyone loving pumpkin why not add some more pumpkin flavor to your Thanksgiving table other than just that pumpkin pie you always bring? Better yet, let’s add a twist and make it a more healthy dessert […]

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people running

Ice & Snow = Aches & Pains

If a cold front coming through makes you groan, try these suggestions to make your body think it really is spring! 1. Keep it moving! Joints lubricate themselves with movement. There really is no other way. The joints throughout your body require movement to create synovial fluid in a quantity that will cushion and support […]

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Be Vocal Buy Local: Hurley’s Place in Conway

We were recently featured on the Conway Chamber’s Be Vocal Buy Local site! Dr. Hurley shared some of her thoughts on why Conway is a great place to do business, and why Hurley makes its home here. For more information, see the video below,

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