Hello everybody, it’s Dr. Emily Hurley. I am going to talk to you today about the next level of the dynamic body balancing series that I have been taking over the last two years and level two, meaning the second weekend of trainings that I went to with Dr. Carol Phillips was the cranial work. Read More

Hey everyone, it’s Dr. Emily Hurley. Thank you for tuning in. If you caught my video last week, I was talking about the level one of dynamic body balancing. When I first started on this journey of learning and training in make body balancing, I had absolutely no idea what it was. I did not Read More

Hey everyone. It’s Dr. Emily Hurley, like I was telling you all last week, I’m so excited that I just received my 100-hour certification in Dynamic Body Balancing. It’s a myofascial unwinding craniosacral therapy and an energy work that I’ve been learning with the Dr. Carol Phillips, so I wanted to share more about what Read More

  Hey everyone. It’s Dr. Hurley. I have some exciting news I wanted to share. Over the last two years, I’ve been working on a certification in a type of bodywork that’s called Dynamic Body Balancing. And this work is created and taught by Dr. Carol Phillips, she’s a chiropractor and she’s well known in Read More

Most people think of Chiropractors as doctors that can help with back pain or neck pain. Did you know we can adjust the shoulders, elbow, knees, and even feet?  Adjustments to the feet can help with foot pain and even improve the balance of your gait as you walk. We also know that the feet Read More