My father is living happily in Florida, where he is occasionally asked if he would like a senior discount. His response “ you may call me a senior when I can no longer run a half marathon. Until then, I’m just an experienced young man!” He can still run those half marathons and even more Read More

My JoJo turns 64 years young today, gets adjusted weekly, has diabetes, and still rides his Harley on cross country trips to places like Wyoming! My favorite person in the world, I love senior citizens. They are full of knowledge

When I was 15 I started having a lot of headaches. My mother had seen the chiropractor for her low back for several years off and on so the place was familiar but I had never gone with her to appointments so I didn’t know what to expect. I was somewhat fearful (of the unknown Read More

My first adjustment came at the age of 14 after being in a head on car collision. I had broken both my collar bone and patella, had a few stitches in my face, along with some cuts and bruises. Originally, our focus had been to get me back to playing basketball, which was was my Read More

Pumpkin has made its grand reappearance this fall season appearing anywhere from pumpkin spice latte to pumpkin muffins. With everyone loving pumpkin why not add some more pumpkin flavor to your Thanksgiving table other than just that pumpkin pie you always bring? Better yet, let’s add a twist and make it a more healthy dessert Read More