Chronic pain is an epidemic! Gentleman goes to his doctor because he was having new low back pain. The doctor says “you have some arthritis and it’s just something you have to learn to live with”. The patient confused says to the doctor, well I didn’t have this pain a week ago, so why now? Read More

The Simple facts about Acupuncture Have you ever considered acupuncture for pain? For many it’s a solution to chronic issues, especially when paired with chiropractic care. We often hear, acupuncture? What’s that? Acupuncture is a healing art that is practiced in most Asian countries and had been for thousands of years. The Chinese seem to Read More

With the New Year approaching fast, we are beginning to plan that “New year, new me” resolution. Well we want big changes and overnight results, but change takes time. For example lots of people I talk to plan to “finally lose weight” unfortunately we all lose momentum after the first month, because we don’t see Read More

Sugar is everywhere! In today’s food it seems everything has added sugar. You can find added sugar in almost everything.  I was looking at my favorite peanut butter the other day, and it had more sugar than some soft drinks. It’s crazy when you start looking, what you find it in. For the food industry Read More

In our last post we talked about how to boost the immune system and prevent getting sick. But what should we do if we do end up feeling under the weather? As discussed last week, a great way to boost the immune system is to get Chiropractic adjustments. The Chiropractic adjustment significantly increases the white Read More