It has been estimated that 17% of American adults suffer with severe levels of pain daily. With the attention to the opioid epidemic in America, more and more sufferers are looking to other means to help with chronic pain conditions. Chiropractic care is used by many chronic pain sufferers to bring the body back into balance and in many cases resolve long term pain. Hurley Chiropractic takes pride in providing treatment options to address this type of long term pain. Many times after a car wreck we go to the emergency room only to have them tell us that nothing is wrong. But what if your neck hurts? The neck is full of very delicate nerve tissue, vessels, and muscles, when it whipped around in a crash an acceleration/de-acceleration injury can result; this is commonly referred to as whiplash! Chiropractors are trained to identify this type of injury. Our doctors will do a careful examination to assess any damage your spine may have endured and create a treatment plan that will get feeling better in no time.