Preconception and fertility by Dr. Hurley

Hey everyone, it’s Dr. Emily Hurley! As most everyone knows, I can get really passionate discussing Prenatal Chiropractic care and birth work!


Many of the moms that I see are already late in their pregnancy. Often they have only recently learned about the benefits of Chiropractic care in pregnancy and in preparation for birth. Even one adjustment is powerful in balancing the body and can help aid in a smoother birth, but it can be even more beneficial when moms are able to receive care throughout their pregnancy.


For today’s topic, however, I want to back all the way up and discuss the benefits of being seen before becoming pregnant!

It is common when a woman first learns she is pregnant to begin making appointments with doctors, taking prenatal vitamins, and preparing for a baby on the way! However, there is typically not much thought put into preparing for pregnancy before that positive pregnancy test! 


The preconception work I do with my parents involves chiropractic adjustments, nutritional consultations, and lifestyle changes in order to prepare both mom and dad’s bodies to be as healthy as possible before conception takes place. I recommend to parents who are interested in becoming pregnant to begin preconception work 4-6 months before they begin trying to conceive. To explain the reason this is beneficial, we need to do a quick lesson in biology and epigenetics…


It takes about 4 months for an egg cell to mature for a woman, about 2 months for new sperm to generate and mature for men. That means what you take in nutritionally takes 2-4 months to become the building blocks for the DNA that is going to make up a baby. I can get really scientific about all of this and for those who are interested in learning more, definitely make an appointment for a preconception consultation and we can dive deeper. 


The preconception work that I do can also benefit couples who are experiencing infertility*. As I have said before, my goal as a Chiropractor is not to treat or seek to cure any condition. My goal is to balance the spine, balance the nervous system, and in this case create a healthier environment inside the body. When the body is balanced it can do amazing things to heal itself! Many patients have reported difficulty in becoming pregnant, and after chiropractic adjustments, find they are able to conceive. This may be due to the powerful effect chiropractic adjustments have on the nervous system. Adjustments to the spine are like a “re-boot” to the nervous system, and the nervous system controls every organ in our bodies!


Chiropractic adjustments are a great conservative option to try before or alongside fertility treatments. They will create balance in the spine and in the nervous system and give the body a better chance to perform optimally. The nutritional counseling we do is also beneficial, even in addition to fertility treatments.


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For those interested in the literature, here is a review of case studies which women had success conceiving through Chiropractic adjustments after a period of infertility.


Another great resource is!