Chiropractic and Extremities

Many people are surprised to find out that chiropractors treat more than just the spine. If there is a joint in the body that is designed to move, we typically can do something for it! One common joint we get asked about is the shoulder joint. The shoulder, in most people, is the most mobile joint in the body. There are many factors that contribute to shoulder joint dysfunction and pain, so identifying the causative factor and understanding how to effectively treat the problem is crucial to success in correcting the problem. Because of this, many people that develop acute shoulder pain unfortunately end up with chronic shoulder pain. Many people also receive treatments like steroid injections or medications that do not truly correct the problem and only mask the causative factor, while at the same time may cause some unwanted side effects. 

As chiropractors, our goal is to improve function of the body by identifying and correcting the problem, without the use of drugs or surgery. When it comes to the shoulder, there are many things we must consider. Properly diagnosing the problem is simply not enough. We must also identify the activity that likely causes the problem (i.e. repetitive overhead stress), functional deficits that may delay recovery (i.e. improper control/movement of the shoulder blade), and daily functions that may limit healing (i.e. improper sleeping positions).

Regardless of tissue injury, nearly all shoulder complaints involve pain in the anterolateral arm that is provoked with shoulder flexion/abduction and sleeping on the affected side. Shoulder problems are also often multifactorial. While the pain can be debilitating, it doesn’t have to be long-lasting. Restoring movement control, correcting dysfunction in the shoulder blade, and teaching the patient how to manage their condition can often be accomplished relatively quickly.


If you or someone you know is suffering from acute or chronic shoulder pain, give us a call today so we can get begin the process of getting you or your loved one feeling better!