Chiropractic Adjustments using a ProAdjuster!

For some people, chiropractic adjustments may seem “scary” and “dangerous.” While research has shown that gentle, chiropractic adjustments performed by a licensed chiropractor are safe and effective at relieving neck pain, back pain, and headaches (just to name a few), some people still can’t get over the fear of having their neck or back “cracked.” Likewise, manual chiropractic adjustments may not be ideal for some individuals with certain conditions that make them more sensitive to sudden twisting movements. If you are one of these people, you can still benefit from chiropractic care without the popping or potential discomfort that may accompany a manual adjustment. The Pro-Adjuster is a low force technique in our office that utilizes an advanced technology that allows for gentle, safe adjustments to the spine without any popping or sudden twisting.


The Pro-Adjuster brings together traditional chiropractic knowledge and philosophy with modern, sophisticated technology to gently adjust the spine and facilitate proper spinal function. It works to both identify AND treat issues within the spine and nervous system, which controls every bodily function. When the nervous system is imbalanced, inflammation can cause the body to not function at its best. If nothing is done to correct the imbalance, this could result in chronic pain, sickness, and decreased overall health.


The Pro-Adjuster detects problems within the spine and nervous system by gently analyzing spinal segments to determine whether certain bones in the spine are moving properly or if they are “stuck” and too rigid. When the spine is not functioning properly and areas are too rigid, nerve function can be negatively impacted. When a chiropractor evaluates your spine manually, he or she is also checking for the same rigidity within the spinal joints, but the Pro-Adjuster’s measurements can sometimes be more precise than manual procedures. 


The technology used in the Pro-Adjuster is the same type of technology used by NASA engineers to determine the integrity of ceramic cooling tiles located on the outermost part of space shuttles. Within a chiropractic setting, the Pro-Adjuster technology works by introducing a very light force to the spine, then instantaneously measures the amount of force reflected by the spine using a piezoelectric sensor. A computer then interprets the information and determines how fluidly the joint is moving. This entire process happens quicker that the body is able to react or “tense up,” which can sometimes happen when performed manually by a chiropractor, yielding highly accurate results. Once the Pro-Adjuster detects which spinal segments are too rigid, it uses a very precise yet gentle oscillating force to adjust only the areas needed. As it does this, nerve pressure and irritation is released in the area and pain subsides. 


To experience the relief of this cutting edge technology for yourself, schedule an appointment with us today to see how we can help you!