World Doula Week

Happy World Doula Week!


At Hurley Chiropractic we are excited to honor World Doula Week by making it official… We have TWO amazing doulas moving in this week!


Nicolle Fletcher of Nurturing Arrows and Sarita Hendrix of Unity Birth and Lactation Services will now be providing their birth and lactation services at Hurley Chiropractic.


It is the perfect time to discuss: what is a doula? And what does birth work have to do with chiropractic?


Doulas can support birthing couples throughout pregnancy, during birth, and even postpartum. Nicolle Fletcher says “I am your educator, advocate, partner, supporter, and honestly your biggest fan.  I believe women are capable of far more than they give themselves credit for regarding childbirth and motherhood.   I don’t take the place of your current amazing village, I simply complement and provide structure to it based off your goals.”


This means a doula can help you build a birthing team that will meet your needs (your local doula may even have some ideas on recommending an Ob/Gyn based on what your preferences!), prepare a birth plan, physically support you during birth with comfort techniques, help your husband know how best to be a birthing partner, and so much more.


I am constantly saying: Every pregnant person needs a Chiropractor and a doula!


As a Chiropractor I can help prepare your body for birth and help with certain health concerns. A doula partners perfectly to provide that emotional one-on-one support throughout the process.


Here are some examples of how I have been able to partner with Nicolle in the past to help serve her clients that are also my patients:


  • Nicolle has referred patients to me after they learned that their babies were in a breech position. After a few gentle adjustments and Webster technique, their babies have gotten into head down position and they were able to continue with their plan of a vaginal birth! Time is of the essence in these situations. These moms having a doula ready with resources  was key in their success!
  • When Nicolle’s clients have hip, low back, and pelvic pain, I am usually able to get them in quickly to help balance the pelvis and get them feeling better and more prepared for birth.
  • I have had patients that are first time moms that are unsure about what to expect when it comes to their birth. They have the goal of a natural birth, but don’t know how to create a care plan. I emphasize to these moms the importance of a doula and recommend they take Nicolle’s birth class to know the pros and cons of decisions made in pregnancy and during their birthing time.
  • When meeting with birthing couples I have noticed that the birthing partner wants to be involved but feels overwhelmed or sometimes completely clueless. I am happy to briefly give some tips, but ongoing support during the birthing time for both partners is a game changer.
  • Nicolle has contacted me when she is providing lactation support for her clients, and the baby’s latch doesn’t seem comfortable. We have been able to work together, while I am adjusting the baby she will be working with mom’s positioning and we are able to achieve a better latch for mom and baby!


We are thrilled at the opportunity to support even more birthing parents by partnering with these wonderful doulas!