Webster technique

Hello all! It’s Dr. Emily Hurley, and today I wanted to expand on how Chiropractic can benefit pregnant mommas!


I am trained in several chiropractic techniques, including Webster technique. Webster is a gentle and safe chiropractic technique which is designed for pregnancy. The goal of Webster technique is to balance the pelvis, create symmetry in the tone of the sacral and round ligaments, and to optimize the function of the nervous system.


Webster technique is well known in the birth community as being beneficial for mothers with breech presentation. I would like to emphasize that Webster Technique does not flip babies. It is a priority of mine to communicate that I am not attempting to “flip the baby”, as that would be outside of my scope as a chiropractor. 


Instead, my goal is to balance the pelvis, spine, ligaments and muscles in her body. This can reduce intrauterine constraint, which often results in a breech baby going head down.

For this same reason, chiropractic care and Webster technique can benefit all pregnant moms, regardless of the position of the baby. Other common benefits are to relieve back pain, headaches/migraines, nausea/morning sickness, boost the immune system and regulate the digestive system.


I like to boil it down to three main ways that Chiropractic adjustments and Webster technique benefit pregnant women:

  1. Passageway
  2. Passenger
  3. Power


Passageway: When the pelvis and ligaments are imbalanced, it actually closes down the opening of the birth canal. The image below may help you to visualize this. Every birthing person would agree, they would like that opening to be as large as possible when they are going to push that baby out!


Passenger: By balancing the pelvis, ligaments, and spine, the baby is able to naturally move into more optimal positions. Your little “passenger” being unrestricted in getting into the best position possible is one of the main factors in having an easier birth!


Power: As I have mentioned before, Chiropractic is all about the nerves. The nervous system powers all the organs and muscles in our body! The uterus is a powerful muscles, and it’s ability to contract is what pushes out baby. Adjusting the spine is like hitting the reset button on our nervous system and can allow for the uterus to have the optimal power to contract.


If you are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant soon, find a Webster certified chiropractor on ICPA4Kids.org!