AR Home Health Insurance

Hey everyone! Today I am writing to you about my least favorite topic… 😮‍💨 insurance 😖
We deal with insurance every single day as a healthcare facility, and it is the WORST. I could rant all day long (and do) about how difficult and complex and rarely good for the patient OR the provider most insurance is.
However, there is a shining and glorious exception: ARHome. 
The state of Arkansas has made the blessed decision to offer a program called AR Home. It is part of the Medicaid program, but instead of a Medicaid policy, the individual can choose a Blue Cross Blue Shield or Ambetter policy as a Medicaid replacement. 
These policies are 👏 AMAZING 👏 and have great chiropractic benefits.
So first of all, if you have Medicaid, I urge you to RUN (to your phone?) To find out if you qualify for this program. If you do, make that switch today! 
This program is also called Worker’s Medicaid and was formerly known as AR Works or Arkansas Works.
You may have this policy and not even know it! If you have Blue Cross or Ambetter through the state, it’s probably one of these policies! Check your card and see if it as the AR Home logo in the corner of the card.
What makes this program so great? Well, in our office, we rejoice when we see one of these policies. Both the Ambetter and the Blue Cross versions of this policy cover a New Patient Exam, X-Rays, any and all types of chiropractic care, as well as Therapies and Physical Rehab. The Blue Cross Policy even covers massage! These plans usually have no co-pay or a $4 co-pay per visit. This is incredible! This means we can give the very best care to these patients without concern for cost or limitations. 
In comparison, Medicaid will not cover an exam or x-rays. It covers 12 spinal adjustments but no extremity adjustments. This means if you need your elbow, knee, toe, TMJ or jaw, wrist, or shoulder adjusted- it’s extra! They do not cover any Therapies, rehab, or massage either.
Now, if you DO have regular Medicaid and do not have the option for the replacement plan: We can help you! We offer discounts to keep the parts that Medicaid doesn’t cover affordable, and we can absolutely get you adjusted and get you feeling better.
If you are pregnant, sometime pregnancy Medicaid is automatically assigned to you. It is worth doing the leg work to see if you can still switch to AR Home! 
I also want to point out that ARKids is great! Most AR kids policy is no cost for adjustment or a $10 co-pay. If your kids have ARkids Medicaid Policies: they have great chiropractic coverage! Bring them on in 😊
We work very hard in our office to be different than many in the medical field. We verify insurance before you come in and make sure you understand and are comfortable with your benefits and cost before you arrive. Now, because insurance is not a perfect system, we do always have the disclaimer that our estimate before billing may not be perfect- but we do our very best to catch any differences quickly and relay it to you!
Please reach out with any questions and we can help! And if you currently have ARHome and are not going to the chiropractor… get in here! Take advantage of your benefits and take care of your health 😉
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