Dr. Luke Broom

Why did I choose Chiropractic?

Looking back there was a providential process that led me into the Chiropractic profession. Initially, I was exposed to chiropractic at the age of seventeen as a senior in high school. My family had never gone to a chiropractor, and I did not really have an opinion about the profession. At the time of my senior year, I was training for cross country season as well as doing CrossFit, and I ended up with a slowly worsening low back injury. Looking back, I was running quite a bit on uneven terrain, and with CrossFit I was lifting a lot of heavy weight with less than adequate core strength—which could have been the contributing factors to my pain; nonetheless, I was beginning to hurt, badly. Every time I tried to run, I was hurting with the impact of my foot striking the ground, every day sitting in class the pain became more and more nagging, and I even reached a point that deep breathing was uncomfortable.

I had tried ice, ice baths, heat, electrical stimulation, and ibuprofen at the counsel of my school athletic trainer, but with zero progress, so I went to my local primary care provider. He performed no musculoskeletal exam and quickly prescribed me muscle relaxers…which did absolutely nothing. The traditional medical model had failed me.

So…I went to a chiropractor, and he actually examined me and thoroughly explained to me why I was feeling what I was feeling. One of the wise sayings I still remember him telling me was that “no amount of drug or chemical could ever fix your mechanical problem.” After a few adjustments and some therapeutic exercise interventions I had no more low back pain and I was back to CrossFit with a stronger core than ever before.

Going into undergraduate I was a clinical kinesiology major, and I had my eyes set on physical therapy school. Chiropractic was not necessarily off my radar; I just did not know anything about the profession. After much research, I ended up making the switch to become a Doctor of Chiropractic—here are some of the main reasons:

Firstly, based on the results I had with it helping me out of the worst musculoskeletal issue I have ever had. Secondly, I learned that there is a level of autonomy that a Doctor of Chiropractic has, and that was appealing, as well as the benefit of being more of a portal of entry provider. Thirdly and lastly, I knew that with chiropractic I would still be able to do all the physical rehabilitation that I loved and wanted to do, but more so, to cultivate exceptional palpatory skills unmatched by any other profession. I genuinely believe Chiropractors are the greatest in the world regarding manual care skills. And I honestly believe chiropractors are at the front line to be the go-to portal of entry providers for our communities regarding neuromusculoskeletal complaints and preventative care.


Dr. Broom

A well-balanced family!

Here at Hurley Chiropractic and Wellness Center we take care of the whole family! Our patients start as young as a few days after birth and we continue care for as long as they need! As children grow and go to school, participate in sports and are active throughout their adolescent life maintenance adjustments help keep their nervous system balanced, therapies and rehabilitative stretching help with muscles as well as massages! As adults we are not caring for ourselves but also our little humans so we need to make self care a priority to stay balanced and to help reduce stress on the regular! 

Meet Dr. Keith Beachy!

Since a very young age, I have always known that I wanted to be in the healthcare industry. I got to see how my father, who is a primary care medical doctor, took care of his patients and made such an impact on their lives. They all truly loved him and they knew how much he cared for them. The summer before my senior year of high school, I was chosen for a summer program in a local hospital where I got to shadow all areas of the hospital and see the different specialties. It was there that I got to see a total hip replacement… and it rocked my world. I thought, “How cool is it that we can take people apart and put them back together again to help them?!” From there, I had my heart set on becoming an orthopedic surgeon. Growing up playing multiple sports in Arkansas, it became my dream to eventually become the team doctor for the Arkansas Razorbacks.  

 In 2012 after completing my undergraduate degree in exercise science, with a pre-med concentration, I decided to take a year off from school to gain more experience in a health care setting in hopes to “boost” my resume. It was then that I had my first experience in chiropractic. I got my first “real job” (excluding being a life guard and a waiter) at a multi-disciplinary chiropractor’s office as a rehab tech. There we had multiple physical therapists, chiropractors, a nurse practitioner, and a retired orthopedic surgeon all working together. It was there that I got to see first-hand the true healing potential of chiropractic. I began to realize that not all people who are told surgery is the only option actually require surgery. In fact, many people were able to delay having surgery or avoid surgery all together by utilizing conservative chiropractic care in this setting. From there I eventually decided to withdraw all applications I had sent to medical schools and began applying to universities with doctorate of chiropractic programs. 

 I was accepted to Parker University in Dallas in 2013 and began as soon as I could after being accepted. I spent the next four years immersing myself into the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic. It was nothing short of a life-changing experience, both physically, mentally and spiritually. While there, I became more and more interested in nutrition and what our bodies need to heal naturally to complement my chiropractic knowledge and skills. This inspired me to begin working towards my Diplomate status with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition and to become certified in functional medicine.  

 Upon completion of my doctorate in chiropractic in 2017, I moved back home to Arkansas to begin my chiropractic career and start serving my community. 

 When I am not serving patients, I can be found with my fiancée, Abby, and our two dogs, Sonny and Ziggy, enjoying all that Arkansas has to offer.

Meet Dr. Emily Hurley!

I’m Dr. Emily Hurley. I am a chiropractor and owner of Hurley Chiropractic and Wellness center in Conway Arkansas! Hurley Chiropractic was founded by my mother, Dr. Christine Hurley over 25 years ago. I recently graduated as a Doctor Chiropractic and was able to step in to lead the Hurley team when my mother passed away last year. I am honored to continue to carry on her legacy. Although the clinic is very well known in our community, since I am new here I wanted to introduce myself and share my mission.

I grew up in Conway and was truly raised at Hurley Chiropractic. My mom and my grandma ran the clinic in its first years and I remember being put to work from a young age in the clinic. I was able to get to know patients and hear their stories of how their lives were changed through Chiropractic care. They would share with me that they were able to return to their golf game again, or were now able to play with their grandkids. I saw my mom adjust pregnant moms with breech babies and after their bodies were balanced the babies moved into head down position. I personally was adjusted by her the first day I was born and throughout my life. Around the age of 16 I knew I wanted to follow in my mother’s footsteps as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

I began her undergraduate studies at the University of Central Arkansas and later transferred to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I graduated as a Chiropractor from my mother’s alma mater, Logan University in St Louis Missouri in August 2019. 

I met my husband while in St. Louis, and although he was born and raised there he was willing to follow me back to Arkansas to be a part of the legacy my mom spent the last 25 year building here. I did take his last name, Baumann, but I also wanted to keep the name Hurley, because I feel a strong connection to my mom and her life’s work through this name. 

Like my mom, I have a special place in my heart for working with families, especially pregnant moms throughout their pregnancy and birth. I am passionate about empowering pregnant moms to advocate for the birth experience that they want and I am trained in Webster technique and Logan Basic Technique. 

My mission as a doctor and as a clinic is to change the lives of families through lifelong Chiropractic care and empower them to take charge of their health.

Another of my passions is serving the Spanish speaking population. I studied abroad in Spain, served a Spanish speaking mission for my church in California and have attended several Chiropractic mission trips in Mexico. I understand how intimidating it is to not feel confident in a foreign language and how difficult a language barrier can be. I have a love for providing Spanish speakers with the healthcare that they need. 

My favorite thing is traveling to the beach and my husband’s favorite thing is watching TV at home with our (many) pets. We recently had our beautiful daughter, Violet Christine and are enjoying all her smiles and snuggles.