Dr. Beachy talks about Functional Medicine

Dr. Beachy’s greatest passion within chiropractic is the science, philosophy, and art that composes the philosophy behind chiropractic. He loves educating patients on what is really going on inside of them and helping them understand why they feel the way they feel, but more importantly what they can do to feel their best. He also has a passion for functional nutritional health and has done hundreds of hours of post-doctorate training in functional medicine and nutrition so he can dive further in his patient’s health issues. He believes functional medicine is the future of true healthcare, rather than the “sick care” model we are stuck in now. Functional medicine utilizes cutting-edge lab tests analyzing blood, urine, saliva, stool and/or hair to determine the root cause of one’s health issues and even detect dysfunction before one may become symptomatic. Many of these tests are not utilized by the majority of medical doctors yet. After analyzing the tests, he is able to determine what body systems are dysfunctional at a biochemical and cellular level. He then puts together customized plans utilizing whole food nutrition, high-quality supplements, and lifestyle changes to help his patients achieve greater and optimal health and well-being.