What’s causing your pain?

Are your daily habits causing you pain?

Often times when we think of pain, we think of pain that started with some kind of trauma. For example in our office we see lots of slip and falls, lifting incorrectly, and automobile accidents. Would you be surprised to hear that pain can also be cause by very simple things? Some of the most common habits can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. The good news is that small changes in these habits can have wonderful effects on how we feel!

Simple changes go a long way!

Do you keep your wallet in your back packet? I used to! Take a look at that wallet, it’s at least a couple of inches thick right? When you place a  wallet is in the back pocket and sit on it every day it can cause the muscles to shorten on one side to make up for that wedge you’re sitting on.  Over time you develop constant tightness in the low back, for some it gets so tight it hurts to stand up. Carry that wallet in the front pocket for a few days. At first it feels a bit strange, but you will get used to it and your back will thank you!

Ho about hand bags and purses? Lots of folks carry a purse or a bag with them all the time. If you think about it I bet you typically carry that bag on the same side. The average purse is like 5 pounds or more in some cases. So day after day we put 5 pounds on the same shoulder. Just like the wallet this can create an imbalance in the back muscles. It can also cause shoulder pain.  To simplest way to fight against this, is to move the bag each day. This will create balance and can really go a long way in making your back and shoulders more comfortable.

If you are already feeling this tightness in the shoulders, mid back and low back, its probably best that you see your chiropractor. He or she can help you address the pain and bring that balance back. If you need our help you can simply give us a call or click here for more information! Hurley Chiropractic would be honored to help you reach your health goals!