Physical Rehab at Hurley Chiropractic

When most people think about “sore” or “tight” muscles, they think those muscles need to be massaged or stretched out as much as humanly possible to fix the problem. While this may give many people temporary relief, it doesn’t actually fix the problem… in fact, in some cases, it can make matters worse. This is because “tight” and “sore” muscles isn’t always an indication that a muscle needs to be stretched… it can also be an indicator that the muscle itself isn’t strong enough. 


One example of this is the muscles of the neck in people who are on their phone too much. This is commonly referred to as “tech neck” or “text neck.” An average human head weighs about 10 to 12 pounds. When the head is tilted forward and looking down, this increases the gravitational pull on the head and neck, making the postural muscles work “overtime.”  As the head tilts forward 15 degrees, the forces on the neck increase to 27 pounds… at 30 degrees it goes up to 40 pounds… at 45 degrees it is 49 pounds… and 60 degrees it gets to 60 pounds! As you can imagine, when someone does this for extended periods, the muscle of the neck will tire and start to feel “tight.” When you start to feel this tightness, it is easy to try to go into full on stretch mode to try to loosen things up. While the stretch might feel good for the time being, the real key is to strengthen the muscles of the neck!


At Hurley chiropractic, our doctors are trained to identify which muscles are weak and which are tight. We then develop a customized treatment plan to help strengthen areas that need to be strengthened and stretch the areas that actually need to be stretched. This creates better stability and balance within the spinal column and is hands down one of the best complementary treatments to chiropractic adjustments, because it can help keep the spine in alignment better and longer!


Physical Rehab in 2021!

At Hurley Chiropractic each patient can expect that when they come in they will receive a thorough examination, including x-rays as needed, and the doctor will perform a thorough medical history. This is key in helping our chiropractors have a complete understanding of your health concerns and create an individualized care plan that will help you resolve your pain, improve the function of your nervous system, and change the trajectory of your spinal health to slow or prevent degeneration in the spine.

Every care plan will always include Chiropractic adjustments. We also have many additional services to increase the speed of your recovery and provide pain relief. Our licensed massage therapists provide Therapeutic Muscle Work that helps to bring blood flow to the area, release tight muscles, heal scar tissue, and create balance in the myofascial. 

In our therapy area we offer ultrasound therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, cold laser, intersegmental traction, and inversion. 

Our doctors may also create a physical rehab plan that helps to stretch out shortened muscles, strengthen weak core muscles, improve posture, increase flexibility and help with balance. These plans are created by our doctors and overseen by our wonderful physical rehab technicians. These physical rehab activities are highly beneficial for helping improve motion in the areas of restriction in the spine. This, in combination with the adjustment, is powerful in helping your body stay in alignment. 

We help people with any goals they have through adjustments and physical rehab to improve their health. Examples include:

  • Improving posture
  • Improving flexibility
  • Improving balance and coordination
  • Reducing risk of falls
  • Helping athletes achieve a specific performance goal
  • Relieving pain while walking, standing, and sitting
  • Assisting in ergonomics in your work setting
  • Strengthening core muscles

We are also excited to give a sneak peak to a new program that we are developing. It is a Functional Assessment. This assessment will provide a measurable starting point for our patients in order to better monitor their progress throughout their physical rehab plan.