Physical Rehab in 2021!

At Hurley Chiropractic each patient can expect that when they come in they will receive a thorough examination, including x-rays as needed, and the doctor will perform a thorough medical history. This is key in helping our chiropractors have a complete understanding of your health concerns and create an individualized care plan that will help you resolve your pain, improve the function of your nervous system, and change the trajectory of your spinal health to slow or prevent degeneration in the spine.

Every care plan will always include Chiropractic adjustments. We also have many additional services to increase the speed of your recovery and provide pain relief. Our licensed massage therapists provide Therapeutic Muscle Work that helps to bring blood flow to the area, release tight muscles, heal scar tissue, and create balance in the myofascial. 

In our therapy area we offer ultrasound therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, cold laser, intersegmental traction, and inversion. 

Our doctors may also create a physical rehab plan that helps to stretch out shortened muscles, strengthen weak core muscles, improve posture, increase flexibility and help with balance. These plans are created by our doctors and overseen by our wonderful physical rehab technicians. These physical rehab activities are highly beneficial for helping improve motion in the areas of restriction in the spine. This, in combination with the adjustment, is powerful in helping your body stay in alignment. 

We help people with any goals they have through adjustments and physical rehab to improve their health. Examples include:

  • Improving posture
  • Improving flexibility
  • Improving balance and coordination
  • Reducing risk of falls
  • Helping athletes achieve a specific performance goal
  • Relieving pain while walking, standing, and sitting
  • Assisting in ergonomics in your work setting
  • Strengthening core muscles

We are also excited to give a sneak peak to a new program that we are developing. It is a Functional Assessment. This assessment will provide a measurable starting point for our patients in order to better monitor their progress throughout their physical rehab plan. 

What Makes Us Hurley Chiropractic

In honor of welcoming the New Year, we have redefined our mission statement at Hurley Chiropractic as we move into 2021!


“Our mission is to change lives by providing a level of quality care that exceeds expectations. We raise the bar. We change lives!”


Our founder and my mother, Dr. Christine Hurley, was famous for talking about Disney values. Even if you have never been to Disney World or DisneyLand, you know that it is a different experience than going to any another amusement park. How do they create a magical experience that is different from any place in the world?

Of course the first things we think of are seeing beloved characters come to life, wonderful food, impressive and exciting rides. But there are a million tiny details that make Disney a truly magical experience, that create and perpetuate these Disney values.

For example, in certain areas of the park, all things around you are small and low to the ground to give you a sense of being big and important. In other areas, things appear very large to give you a sense of awe and to emphasize the grandeur and majesty of the park. They are masters of forced perspective, they are intentional about the slightest detail in the architecture of each area. Cinderella’s castle looks like it has hundreds of floors and must be a thousand feet tall, when really the windows are not to scale, and there are many more windows than there are actual floors. 

Another intentional detail is that there is a trash can every 6 feet at Disney, and it is mandatory for every employee to pick up any trash that they see immediately.

Cast members at Disney have a role to play and they absolutely must stay in character at all times. This is obvious for cast members that play Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, but it includes every individual employee, even the ones managing the line to see Mickey, or the ones serving ice cream.

Likewise, at Hurley Chiropractic, we strive for every detail to create an intentional experience for our patients. Our patients not only enjoy better health and improved quality of life from receiving adjustments, muscle work, and physical rehab but also enjoy the friendly customer service and positive environment at our clinic. 

For example, you may have noticed that when you call our office, every team member answers the phone:


 “Hurley Chiropractic this is (team member’s name), I can help you.” 


Dr. Christine Hurley started her practice with her mother as her front desk team member. They began answering the phones this way 26 years ago. Dr. Christine Hurley believed that this is a powerful way that we create an experience for every person that calls our clinic. We send the message that at Hurley Chiropractic, we can help you. Not only with scheduling the appointment, which may be the reason for your call, but we can help you by providing quality care that will balance your spines, optimize your nervous system, relax your muscles and improve your posture! We can provide patients with answers about their chronic pain and health issues that they haven’t been able to find elsewhere. We can help them play with their grandkids again, get back out on the golf course, or have a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy. We can help constipated babies poop, kids with ADHD focus better in school, and athletes perform better in their sports. We change lives!

At Hurley chiropractic, we work to create a Healing Space for every person who walks through our doors. We do that by being welcoming and friendly. We do that by listening closely to their needs and experiences. We create a Healing Space by making them feel safe and cared for. 

At Hurley Chiropractic we remember that we are being trusted by our patients to touch their bodies. That is something very vulnerable, and we are honored to have that sacred trust. We always ask before moving around clothing and explain where and how our patients can expect to be touched. We treat every single person with the same care as we would if we knew they had experienced trauma. At Hurley Chiropractic, we are trauma informed and we create a safe space for all people.

At Hurley Chiropractic, we also know that creating an experience through table talk also goes far beyond our words. Even what we are thinking about while we have our hands on our patients affects their experience. This is why when our team arrives at work each day, we leave our personal issues at the door and we become the person that our patients need us to be that day. 

I personally have a passion for prenatal chiropractic. When I do my initial consultation with a pregnant patient I always ask if they have picked out a name for their baby. I write it down so that when I put my hands on my patients belly, in my mind I am talking to the baby, calling them by name, and introducing myself to them. The moms may not know this, but they can feel the respect and care I have for their bodies and their babies.

How we show up each day, how we speak to our patients, and even what we think about while working with our patients, all go into creating their experience, and those differences are what makes us Hurley Chiropractic.


Happy New Year!


Dr. Emily Hurley


Dr. Beachy talks about Chiropractic

Dr. Beachy believes that chiropractic is the greatest healing profession known to mankind, because it focuses on the body’s in-born ability to heal itself. Today’s healthcare system, on the other hand, focuses on pharmaceutical drugs or other interventions that focus only on symptoms, rather than addressing the root cause of dysfunction. Dr. Beachy knows that our bodies are designed to be self-healing and self-regulating when properly controlled by our brain and nervous system without interference. By correcting dysfunction in our spines, we are able to remove these interferences that arise from life traumas, both big and small, and allow our bodies to function optimally, adapt to stress better, become more resilient, and ultimately live our lives to the greatest potential.


Dr. Beachy talks about Functional Medicine

Dr. Beachy’s greatest passion within chiropractic is the science, philosophy, and art that composes the philosophy behind chiropractic. He loves educating patients on what is really going on inside of them and helping them understand why they feel the way they feel, but more importantly what they can do to feel their best. He also has a passion for functional nutritional health and has done hundreds of hours of post-doctorate training in functional medicine and nutrition so he can dive further in his patient’s health issues. He believes functional medicine is the future of true healthcare, rather than the “sick care” model we are stuck in now. Functional medicine utilizes cutting-edge lab tests analyzing blood, urine, saliva, stool and/or hair to determine the root cause of one’s health issues and even detect dysfunction before one may become symptomatic. Many of these tests are not utilized by the majority of medical doctors yet. After analyzing the tests, he is able to determine what body systems are dysfunctional at a biochemical and cellular level. He then puts together customized plans utilizing whole food nutrition, high-quality supplements, and lifestyle changes to help his patients achieve greater and optimal health and well-being.