Foot Levelers

Most people think of Chiropractors as doctors that can help with back pain or neck pain. Did you know we can adjust the shoulders, elbow, knees, and even feet? 

Adjustments to the feet can help with foot pain and even improve the balance of your gait as you walk. We also know that the feet are the foundation of the body. When the arches of the feet collapse, it can cause imbalance in the knee, hip, pelvis, shoulders and even the head and neck! 

Because of this, we recommend that our patients get foot scans to see how strong their arches are or if there is imbalance in the way they are standing. The FootLevelers scanner will give a report and make custom orthotics specifically for you. Patients often notice their chiropractic adjustments hold longer, their relief lasts longer between visits, and they have less pain when they are supported from the ground up!

If you live in our area, I also recommend getting fit for the right shoes to support your foot. The Sporty Runner is where I recommend our patients go when buying tennis shoes or running shoes. You don’t have to be a runner to go there! Their associates are very knowledgeable and are able to observe you walk, and recommend shoes that will benefit you the most. Make sure to take in your FootLeveler Orthotic inserts so they can make sure they are compatible with the shoe you are purchasing.

If you have foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, low back pain, or notice that you favor standing or walking on one leg- come get a foot scan at Hurley Chiropractic!