Sugar is making us sick and tired

Sugar is everywhere!

In today’s food it seems everything has added sugar. You can find added sugar in almost everything.  I was looking at my favorite peanut butter the other day, and it had more sugar than some soft drinks. It’s crazy when you start looking, what you find it in. For the food industry it’s an easy and cheap way to make food more appealing. All this added sugar is literally making us “sick and tired”.

Sugar makes you sick

Sugar has been implicated in so many illnesses. In short, excess sugar damages cells and causes them to age prematurely: it literally makes you older from the inside out.

I once heard that every bite we take is either fighting disease or causing disease. I don’t remember who said it, but it is certainly true for sugar. Sugar feeds cancer cells, resulting in increased chances of developing certain cancers. With high blood sugar levels over time, we can have damage to the kidneys. With sugary diets we have seen higher than normal occurrences of dementia and impaired memory. Sugar can age us, take our memory, and make us chronically ill.

Sugar makes us tired

Consuming sugar causes blood sugar to spike, and then we crash. If you want to see this work give a three year old a candy bar and watch. They will practically run circles and then fall into a deep sleep. The body burns sugar very quickly and with no protein or fat to slow the burn it quickly burns out. It’s a lot like throwing gas on a fire (please don’t do thatJ) the fire flashes very high but quickly dies down. In a body this results in rapidly changing energy levels, and that mid-day slow down so many complain of.

In addition to the roller coaster ride that comes from a high sugar diet, it tends to also impact mood. You are more likely in deal with depression if you eat higher amounts of sugary and processed foods.

Because sugar causes so many problems, and is found in so many products how do we avoid it?

Here are some simple, yet effective ways to avoid extra sugar:

  • Drink your morning coffee without the sugar
  • Eat more whole fruit
  • Try nuts or seeds instead of candy
  • Give up breakfast cereal and have some oat meal
  • Drink water and give up the other stuff

Sugar makes us sick and tired; I’m tired of being sick and tired!

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