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Nurse Practitioner

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Our Nurse Practitioner offers traditional and specialized services, such as trigger point injections, shoulder and knee injections and more!

I have some exciting news I want to share with you! We have lots of patients ask us if we know an opened minded doctor or nurse practitioner (NP) who will not push drugs on them, knows how to treat conditions more naturally, but will still prescribe you something if you need it, after trying natural approaches first. We are integrating our office with a NP who is trained in alternative care, as well as traditional medicine. We can also perform injections for pain relief or use non- addicting pain creams as well. We have created a one- stop shop that not only serves your chiropractic needs, but can also serve your primary care and pain management needs! It’s easy to get started. You just need to schedule an exam with the NP so he/she can review your health history and create a medical chart for you in our office. With this information, the NP will know your health history. If you ever need anything, like a prescription for a cold, trigger point injections, non- addictive pain creams or any other health concerns, you can have it treated here. We all work together and communicate with each other for your benefit.

An amazing team of health care professionals that provide excellent care. They have a caring Nurse Practioner, Rehabilitation services to help you move freely again, Incredible Massage Therapists, and Chiropractors that focuses on your total wellbeing. My medicare and supplement plan has covered everything for me, I had no idea I even had that coverage. I love this place, it’s like going to a Spa! Wish I had found them years ago!

Marty W.

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