Massage Therapy at Hurley Chiropractic

Massages at Hurley Chiropractic provide are not your everyday massages! When patients enter the doors of our clinic they can count on massages that will address specific body wellness concerns as well as provide them with relief. Massages at Hurley Chiropractic are designed to be custom to the individual to give them a well-rounded treatment session to optimize the benefits to the body!

Massage therapy is defined as the use of manual techniques such as applying fixed or movable pressure, or holding and moving body tissues and muscles in order to manipulate the soft tissues of the body.

The massage therapists at Hurley Chiropractic use an integrated approach during the massage session to fully maximize the most positive outcome for the patient. The integrated approach affords the massage therapists to assess the pain, flexibility, posture, and other factors presented by the patient so the most efficient bodywork protocol under the therapists’ licenses can be employed during the massage session of the patient’s treatment. The massage will incorporate multiple therapeutic modalities or techniques that will best serve the needs of the patient. Those modalities will include but are not limited to Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, neuromuscular therapy, and structural integration. The massage therapists will apply the manual techniques to most effectively promote the correction of any tissue dysfunction presented during the assessment and/or treatment.

The benefits of an integrated massage are greater ease of movement and less discomfort by reducing stress, increasing relaxation, reducing pain and muscle soreness, improving circulation, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, improving immune function, providing greater joint flexibility and range of motion, and many other wonderful actions. 

The licensed massage therapists at Hurley Chiropractic work alongside the chiropractors and rehabilitation specialists to ensure the patient’s best experience and greatest benefits from all the forms of bodywork offered at Hurley Chiropractic. This well rounded approach provides relief and healing for our patients each day.