Ice & Snow = Aches & Pains

If a cold front coming through makes you groan, try these suggestions to make your body think it really is spring!

1. Keep it moving! Joints lubricate themselves with movement. There really is no other way. The joints throughout your body require movement to create synovial fluid in a quantity that will cushion and support them. If you are not able to go outside or do a complete workout, then start where you are. Put on some music or look for a video to follow on YouTube. There are a lot of senior videos that can demonstrate a chair workout, all the way up to something like a full class of Zumba.

2. Don’t wait for a rainy day! The challenge is to do at least a few minutes of movement every day. If you have not been keeping your body moving, you can start slowly. Even if you hurt, just remember even a few minutes is still valuable! Who says you have to work out for 30-60 minutes for it to count? Any movement feeds those joints.

3. Love the sun! When the sun does come back out, add an outdoor walk to your day. Fresh air and sunshine are great for mind and body. Keep in mind that if you can do a few minutes in a chair or standing by a chair in the morning and a walk in the afternoon, you have doubled your time and that doubles the results. Active people feel better. Being still and quiet may seem like the answer, but the truth is that is more harmful than helpful.

4. What goes in must come out! What we eat has to be processed. Our body must deal with the salt in foods when we eat out and can cause swelling and joint achiness. Sometimes food sensitivities can cause people to complain of all over aching. The most common is wheat and wheat products.

At Hurley Chiropractic we care for patients of all ages. With massage and Chiropractic adjustments, we can help you conquer pain and move better and more often. Our team is also very experienced helping people get from “hurt all over” to moving and strengthening so that the problems can be eliminated. We don’t want to just see our patients get out of pain-we want to help you get back to doing the things you love.

Call one of our offices and let’s talk about how to get spring back in your step. Enough of winter!

Dr. Hurley