Conservative Care Testimonials – Samantha

My first adjustment came at the age of 14 after being in a head on car collision. I had broken both my collar bone and patella, had a few stitches in my face, along with some cuts and bruises. Originally, our focus had been to get me back to playing basketball, which was was my first and only concern at that age! Later in my basketball career, I started to realize the usual aches and pains of being an athlete were almost nonexistent which ultimately resulted in me being a happier player. I loved my chiropractor from my hometown. He made me feel comfortable and genuinely took an interest in my care, something I felt stood out compared to my normal physician.

Fast forward 9 years and I am starting my career as a health and fitness professional- my dad and my brother now get adjusted, and our inversion table is the centerpiece to our sunroom. My focus for my spinal health isn’t on basketball anymore, my main focus is now on my overall health. I believe in the power of adjustments, nutrition, and exercise and practicing what I preach. These practices have only resulted in a better life for me. I get adjusted 2-3 times a week, exercise at least 3x/week, and eat to live. I sleep 8 hours a night, stretch regularly, take advantage of massage therapy, and take vitamins. Allergies, colds, and strep are pretty much nonexistent.

The doctors here at Hurley have now become my “primary care physician” if you will. Knowing them both on a personal and professional level has allowed me to recommend them to my closest loved ones. They are passionate and educated about what they do and working with them definitely gives me a few laughs a day!

At Hurley Chiropractic and Wellness Centers, we are able to offer every service of true healthcare there is, and I take pride knowing I am a part of it!

–Samantha Newman