Conservative Care Testimonials- Dr. Christine Hurley

When I was 15 I started having a lot of headaches. My mother had seen the chiropractor for her low back for several years off and on so the place was familiar but I had never gone with her to appointments so I didn’t know what to expect. I was somewhat fearful (of the unknown I guess). Almost immediately I started seeing my headaches and other pains that I didn’t realize could be fixed, decrease and disappear.

It set me up to believe that I should go to see the chiropractor when I had a headache coming on and then finally I learned to get adjusted regularly and not wait for the pain to show up first. I became headache free for many years after my visits. I also really loved the office of my chiropractor and I liked his staff and I saw a career that appealed to me. I wanted to help people and to this day after 20+ years in practice I am as passionate about chiropractic and how much it can help as I was the day I started. I love being a DC (doctor of chiropractic)!!

–Dr. Christine Hurley