Chronic pain, do we have to live with it?

Chronic pain is an epidemic!

Gentleman goes to his doctor because he was having new low back pain. The doctor says “you have some arthritis and it’s just something you have to learn to live with”. The patient confused says to the doctor, well I didn’t have this pain a week ago, so why now? His doctor shrugs and says “I’ll give you some pain medication for you to take every day”. Sound familiar? It happens every day, all day to millions of people in pain! The medical world calls that the “opioid epidemic” and it’s the result of chronic pain.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to live on medication, and you don’t have to live in pain! Chiropractic has been used for over a hundred years to treat a whole host of problems.  So the question is would you like to learn how to live without daily pain?  Would you like to know a way to treat arthritis pain without dangerous medication? How would you like not having a headache every day? This is a drop in the bucket with regard to what chiropractic can be used to treat.

Chronic pain is heart braking

It breaks my heart to hear about a dad who can’t play with his kids because he is in pain, or when a grandmother can’t do simple things for herself anymore because everything makes her hurt more! It’s terrible, and it’s just not necessary. I see people all day every day that tell me they are on this pill or that pill, and they still have pain! The reason is simple enough, if you have pressure on a nerve a pill WILL NOT take the pressure off. Imagine if you parked on top of your garden hose, you can do anything you like to the nozzle, the water is not getting past the pressure your car tire is putting on the hose. Nerve flow is basically the same.   This is a subluxation and subluxation can cause so many problems in the human body.

At Hurley Chiropractic you can do more than just hope! We strive to get dads back playing with his kids, grandmother back to independence; we want you to get back to being you! You deserve it and so does your family.

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