Chiropractic for Medicare recipients

Did you know Medicare can cover chiropractic care?

We hear people say all the time- I didn’t know Medicare covered chiropractic!

Unfortunately, this idea can result in Medicare patients never getting the care they need. When patients don’t know they have access to chiropractic care, they can end up having more invasive treatments, like surgery.

Medicare can be difficult to navigate for some clinics

The truth is Medicare has a reputation for being difficult to work with.  As a result, sometimes clinics shy away from Medicare altogether.  At Hurley Chiropractic we have a knowledgeable team that has worked within Medicare guidelines for many years. The great thing is, understanding Medicare means making sure you receive the care you need!

Medicare has specific rules, understanding them keeps surprises from happening 

Medicare has very specific rules about all treatments. This is true in a chiropractic clinic and in other types of clinics. When you’re looking for care, a clinic that understands your coverage can help you avoid headaches and confusion.  This avoids you having to fight with your insurance or being left with an unexpected big bill.

At Hurley Chiropractic we understand that we have to train and educate our team about Medicare rules so you don’t have to! We try to explain in simple terms what to expect and at the same time we know how to maximize the benefits you already have.

If we can help you to understand your chiropractic coverage click HERE to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members.