Hey everyone! As a Prenatal Chiropractic and Brand New First Time Mom, I have done a lot of research on the billions of different pregnancy, post partum, and baby products! I drove myself crazy reading reviews and obsessing over which products to pick. Here are some of my favorites… I am not sponsored by any Read More

Hey everyone, it’s Dr. Emily Hurley! As most everyone knows, I can get really passionate discussing Prenatal Chiropractic care and birth work!   Many of the moms that I see are already late in their pregnancy. Often they have only recently learned about the benefits of Chiropractic care in pregnancy and in preparation for birth. Read More

Hey everyone! In my previous posts I have talked about Chiropractic benefits for little ones. Today let’s talk about our school aged children!   The world keeps getting crazier for our school kids! Kids (and parents… and teachers!) Are under immense stress with the constantly changing format of school. No one was designed to look Read More

  Hey everyone! In my previous post I talked about adjustments for those tiny little newborns. Today I want to talk about those feisty little toddlers! Anyone who has been around toddlers would agree, those little guys are into everything. Learning to walk and climb and use their bodies in new ways is hard work Read More

Tummy Time! All parents know how important Tummy Time is, but some babies just don’t like to do it. Check out my video to learn more about Tummy Time as well! Dr. Hurley talks about tummy time! Guest appearance from baby Violet. Tummy time is absolutely essential for healthy development of the spine, the muscles, Read More