Tummy Time! All parents know how important Tummy Time is, but some babies just don’t like to do it. Check out my video to learn more about Tummy Time as well! Dr. Hurley talks about tummy time! Guest appearance from baby Violet. Tummy time is absolutely essential for healthy development of the spine, the muscles, Read More

Hey everyone! This is Dr. Emily Hurley Baumann, and today I wanted to share about my first adjustment! As many of you know, my mom Dr. Christine Hurley was a chiropractor. I am proud to know that she adjusted me on the very day that I was born.  It is surprising to most people to Read More

This is a transcription of a video which you can find in the podcast section of our website   Dr. H: Hello everyone, I am Doctor Emily Hurley and this is Holly McClintock. She is one of our wonderful licensed massage therapists we have working here at Hurley Chiropractic and we wanted to talk to Read More

I have been treating patients for over 25 years as a chiropractic physician. I was introduced to chiropractic treatment as a teenager following a sports injury. Having experienced what it’s like to have severe back pain with the disappointment of being unable to compete in the sports and hobbies I loved, was a life-changing experience. Read More

At Hurley Chiropractic each patient can expect that when they come in they will receive a thorough examination, including x-rays as needed, and the doctor will perform a thorough medical history. This is key in helping our chiropractors have a complete understanding of your health concerns and create an individualized care plan that will help Read More