Since a very young age, I have always known that I wanted to be in the healthcare industry. I got to see how my father, who is a primary care medical doctor, took care of his patients and made such an impact on their lives. They all truly loved him and they knew how much Read More

I’m Dr. Emily Hurley. I am a chiropractor and owner of Hurley Chiropractic and Wellness center in Conway Arkansas! Hurley Chiropractic was founded by my mother, Dr. Christine Hurley over 25 years ago. I recently graduated as a Doctor Chiropractic and was able to step in to lead the Hurley team when my mother passed Read More

Neck and Head Pain? Call Today 501-764-9097   Do you suffer from migraines? Migraine symptoms include: Neck pain Pain behind the eye Auras or visual changes Dizziness or lightheadedness Nausea or vomiting Light sensitivity Sound sensitivity If any of these describe your headaches or migraines, read on to learn about the cause of these symptoms Read More

Research published in 2011 proved a direct link between spinal adjustments and an increase in the immune-boosting cells called IgA (Immunoglobulin A). The study showed an amazing 139% increase in the immune-boosting IgA within minutes after a spinal adjustment. REMEMBER THIS!! Eating correctly, properly hydrating, and adequate sleep are a few of the many variables Read More

The end of the year is when most flexible spending, health savings, and insurance benefits expire and we’d like to give you a friendly reminder that it’s a good time to come in for your visit.You may have ZERO cost so call NOW to let us check for you! Optimize your insurance benefits! Request an Read More