Arthritis relief.

Many times patients tell us that they have had knee pain for years, and their doctors tell them that it is just arthritis and not much can be done for it!


At Hurley Chiropractic we can actually adjust the knees, our Massage Therapists do muscle work and structural body work, we use ultrasound therapy and cold laser, and work on physical rehab exercises with our patients that can help relieve knee pain. 


Adjusting the pelvis and the knees can be beneficial. If that joint is stuck or not moving correctly, it can create pain and inflammation while walking.


Often an imbalance in the quadricep muscles or hamstring muscles can cause stress on the knee joint. Our Massage Therapists can help release the myofascial and create balance in the knee.


Ultrasound and cold laser therapy are both great for healing and reducing swelling.


Our rehab exercises can help restore stability and encourage proper motion of the joint.


There is hope for managing knee pain from arthritis! Call us today!