Arthritis is not about age!

Many patients come in to this office with different problems that they need help with. One very common problem is arthritis, more specifically osteoarthritis. People refer to osteoarthritis as OA or wear and tear arthritis.  OA is very interesting to me because so many people think they have to live with it and in many cases you don’t. With appropriate evaluation and care, pain and OA progression can often be slowed or even stopped.

Doctors often say that you have this condition in a certain part of your neck or back, and at the same time tell you that OA is just a normal part of getting older. That doesn’t seem right,  if arthritis is a normal part of aging, wouldn’t all joints have arthritis? All the bones in the body are the same age aren’t they?

Why do some joints get arthritis and some don’t? The joint with arthritis have had something happen at some point to change the normal movement. Sometimes that an injury and sometimes its a repeated action. This causes that change in movement pattern this results in the breaking down faster. On the other hand if that joint had received appropriate care it might not have worn out so quickly! Believe or not some older folks have no arthritis, while some very young folks do. That’s because age doesn’t matter, it’s all about the condition of the joints and the nervous system.

Our doctors have spent several years studying the relationship between joint function and the nervous system. We use that knowledge to address dysfunction and get our patients back to the things they love to do.

Osteoarthritis generally causes uncomfortable pain and unfortunately it can worsens over time without help! Symptoms  of OA include:

  • Painful, tender joints
  • Stiffness in the joints 
  • Decreased overall flexibility
  • Grinding and popping sounds and feelings

At Hurley Chiropractic our doctors pride themselves on putting together a unique treatment plan to assist you in getting back to the things that you love to do. Do you have arthritis pain or stiffness and grinding in your joints? It’s important that if you have this or any pain that is not resolving, that you have it checked. To get your pain evaluated click here!