All About Sleep

I have noticed an improvement in sleep for the last 10 years when I started working at my first chiropractic clinic and began sleeping on a cervical pillow for the first time in my life. I could tell a profound difference especially since I have scoliosis and a very straight neck (loss of cervical curve-very common!) and haven’t used anything but a cervical support style pillow. I am hooked to the point my pillow always travels with me and can compensate for a strange, not the best mattress at a hotel.

I further invested in my spine by purchasing an intellibed in 2013 and am amazed every night how much I love it plus it still feels brand-new! We had purchased what I thought was a “decent” $1200 mattress locally in 2006 but within less than 2 years it sagged and was a disappointment not to mention pain inflictor for my 6’7’’ husband until we replaced it.

Of course we don’t rely on pillows and mattresses to keep us in alignment, our whole family enjoys chiropractic care weekly for life but these products help hold our adjustment and keep from tearing it up while we sleep on a sub-par mattress and unsupportive pillow. Most people don’t know chiropractic is great for sleep but it totally is. When the nervous system isn’t functioning at 100%, your body much like a computer, simply can’t shut down and reboot properly leaving millions fatigued and suffering from other sleep-related symptoms. I’m so glad to have chiropractic and wellness in my life for good sleep naturally!!”

Dr. Amanda Bledsoe
Chiropractor, marketing expert, mother of 2, wife, patient for life!