Immune boost from chiropractic

Chiropractic boost the immune system

It seems like everyone is getting sick this time of year! What can you do to boost your immune system and stay healthy this cold and flu season? Chiropractors are sometimes called “holistic” doctors. That is because we are doctors who consider the health of the “whole body”. We are not just the back pain […]

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Chiropractic for Medicare recipients

Did you know Medicare can cover chiropractic care? We hear people say all the time- I didn’t know Medicare covered chiropractic! Unfortunately, this idea can result in Medicare patients never getting the care they need. When patients don’t know they have access to chiropractic care, they can end up having more invasive treatments, like surgery. […]

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Balance and preventing falls in the elderly!

Do you worry about falling? Would it surprise you to hear that Chiropractic adjustments may improve balance and reduce falls in elderly individuals? Maybe you thought chiropractic was just for back pain, so how could it improve balance? It’s true that patients report relief of back pain through Chiropractic adjustments, but the adjustment also benefits […]

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Arthritis is not about age!

Many patients come in to this office with different problems that they need help with. One very common problem is arthritis, more specifically osteoarthritis. People refer to osteoarthritis as OA or wear and tear arthritis.  OA is very interesting to me because so many people think they have to live with it and in many […]

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Conservative Care Testimonials – Samantha

My first adjustment came at the age of 14 after being in a head on car collision. I had broken both my collar bone and patella, had a few stitches in my face, along with some cuts and bruises. Originally, our focus had been to get me back to playing basketball, which was was my […]

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